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Piano Restoration Options

Level One Piano Restoration

Fully overhaul the hammer action replacing any worn or deteriorated parts. Included in the overhaul are the following items: hammer heads, dampers, felts, leathers, bushings, and bridal straps are replaced with new ones.

Note: If the piano has brass rail flanges we will carefully inspect it. If we feel that it is in too bad of shape then it will be replaced with a new brass rail at an additional cost.

Keybed will be cleaned and all felts underneath the keyboard are replaced.

Ivory key tops are cleaned and polished. In the event that there are many ivories missing we then replace all the key tops with faux ivories. At the customers request we can also replace keys with snow white plastic like the ones found on new pianos,or, at an additional price they can be replaced in bone. Black keys (or sharps) can be painted or replaced with new ebony or plastic.

Casters are replaced.

Piano is unstrung and scaled (measuring all strings for proper thickness throughout the piano).

Cast iron frame is removed from the piano and cleaned and re-gilded. All lettering will be blacked like original.

Sound board is stripped and refinished. All cracks are glued and filled, all bridges are repaired or replaced as needed.

Piano is restrung with oversized tuning pins. Customers choice of blued (original style) or nickel plated tuning pins.

Note: with over 60 years experience in rebuilding pianos, we find that on most pianos with loose pins, oversized pins work just fine. If the pins are exceptionally loose then we plug the tuning pin holes with rock maple plugs and then re-drill the pin block (as in level two rebuilding).

Piano is then fully regulated back to factory specifications.

The piano is then tuned five times before delivery.

Note: We recommend that the piano be tuned at least two more times within a 12 month period.

Once the interior work is done then we start on the cabinet of the piano. Repairing all loose veneer along with duplicating any missing cabinet parts. Buff and polish all brass or nickel plated parts (if needed we will replace badly rusted or corroded parts) We refinish the piano and bench with a high quality lacquered closed cell finish, replacing all decals inside and out, making the piano look as if it just came off the showroom floor.

Level Two Rebuilding

Much as the same of level one plus the following:

New hammer action parts are installed including: butts, flanges, shanks, and hammers.

Pin block is plugged and re-drilled.

Replace Brass Rail flanges.

Price Range For Level Two Rebuilding:

 $9,000 - $14,000

Last Resort Rebuilding

Say you have a beautiful art case piano but the insides look like it has been abused by every kid on the block. The hammer action is a complete disaster, the holes for the tuning pins are oblonged, bridges are totally shot, sound board is ruined, etc.

We can now make your piano into a digital piano using your pianos original keys and hammer action with Pianoforce's Acoustic to Digital conversion kit. It will turn your heirloom piano into a highly functional digital piano. With 23 voices and headphone capability as well speakers. Connect to a PC or tablet it will be able to record what is played.

We unstring the piano and replace the strings with a band that the hammers will hit. We then overhaul the hammer action and regulate the piano as normal. (key top replacement optional.) An optical sensor placed under the keys will then sense the movement of the key and through the sound module will bring that old piano back to life. All nuances from the pianist will be reflected in their performance.

Installing Pianoforce MIDI System and Refinishing case and Bench:

$6,000 - $9,000

Making Your Piano Into A Computerized 

Player Piano

At Neuhaus Piano Workshop we now offer the Pianoforce System. Without changing the manual playability of your piano in any way, we can now also make your piano into a wonderful player.

The piano can now do double duty for you. The Pianoforce System is not limited to just a single library like other companies. The Pianoforce System will play music from their own 500 internal song library as well as Yamaha's Disklavier and Q.R.S's Pianomation system. It plays from either your Smartphone, a CD, or from Pianoforce Internet Radio.

You can also add KEESCAN - KEESCAN is the ultimate accessory for recording your own piano performance. Now you can record music directly on your acoustic piano and catch the essence of your emotion each time you press the key of your piano. This high precision is the nature of this optical sensor rail unit captures the movement, speed, and duration of each key and the sustain pedal. So, the recording is recreated as accurate, dynamic and expressive as possible as the original pianist intended it to be.

Your composition is converted into midi data and sent to the Performance Player System or to a connected computer for further processing or storing into memory. Professionals, teachers, students or beginners can now obtain a powerful tool for saving their live piano performances and even learning from their mistakes. While connected to a Performance Player System installed on the same piano, an immediate playback of the recorded music is possible. KEESCAN can easily be installed in any acoustic piano.

We find that our customers are just thrilled with these options. You can make your old piano the envy of any new piano on the market. For more information go to

Price Range For Pianoforce Player System: $4,800 - $6,000

Price Range For Keescan System: $2,500 - $3,500

* Price break to install both systems on your piano.

Piano Benches

If your piano does not have a matching bench we can do our best to supply a maching one for you. In the event that we don't have one, one of our cabinet makers can make a custom matching one for you. Of course prices will vary as to what is needed. The cost of finishing the bench is included in the price of refinishing your piano.

Piano Moving

We work with both local and national moving companies that spechalize in piano moving. When it comes to moving your piano we don't want just anyone doing the work. Over the years we have seen to many amateur movers who either damage the piano, the house it's coming out of, or themselves. Please call us for a mover and we will be happy to have one of them get in contact with you.

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